Welcome to AAchera, where effortless style is refined .


The Fashion brand AAchera was established in 2011 , Nairobi Kenya.  It re-branded in 2017 . Our Creative Director and Founder Annesofie Achera , inspired by her travels, and different cultures , draws her  designs from  beauty and sophisticated nature  of European fashion mixed with the richness and ethnicity of  the African culture.  Her love for fashion  began at an early age. She expresses herself through the choice of fabric to the final design. Some of  her favorites while at it  are color, African print, sheer fabrics, silk which when infused brings about elegance and sophistication.  With different collections, drawn from different inspirations, like nature,  life experiences, the niche is more of the effortlessly  sophisticated contemporary lady.

AAchera is for the bold, vibrant, contemporary Lady.Our fabrics, are sourced globally and each collection tells a story. The Brand is dedicated to creative expressions and focused on realizing artistic visions, whilst playful with contemporary currents at the frontier of  international fashion. Characterized by vibrant wearable high quality pieces with distinctive advanced cuts.

Through the years, the label has demonstrated success through participating  to mention a few  showcases , exhibitions and competitions. It had its first  fashion show, the African fashion Fair  in 2011,  held in Nairobi.  In 2012, awarded third position peoples choice  in FAFA ( Fashion For Peace)  Kenya, Showcased and exhibited at the Swahili Fashion Week  2012 Nairobi  and Zanzibar , In 2015 , participated  at the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Week. In 2016, upon  her return  to Kenya,  Annesofie  was invited to participate and attend the fashion discussions, at World Economic Forum held in Rwanda, where she exhibited amongst other exhibitions around Nairobi and Africa.  The brand has also captured the attention of local magazines and newspapers, Business Daily , The People, Zen Mag Africa, True Love Kenya  to mention a few. Currently we are retailing  in two stores Zuvaa online shop based in the US, as  well as The Designers Studio , Nairobi Kenya.


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