AAchera, where effortless style is refined .

The Brand

AAchera an Independent fashion brand based in Nairobi, Kenya. The  business re-branded in 2017 . AAchera is for the bold, vibrant, contemporary Lady. Our fabrics, are sourced globally and each collection tells a story. The Brand is dedicated to creative expressions and focused on realizing artistic visions, whilst playful with contemporary currents at the frontier of international fashion. Characterized by vibrant wearable high quality pieces with distinctive advanced cuts.

Through the years, the label has demonstrated success through participating to mention a few showcases , exhibitions and competitions. It had its first fashion show, the African fashion Fair in 2011, held in Nairobi. In 2012, awarded third position peoples choice in FAFA ( Fashion For Peace) Kenya, Showcased and exhibited at the Swahili Fashion Week 2012 Nairobi and Zanzibar , In 2015 , participated at the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Week. In 2016, upon her return to Kenya, AAchera  was invited to participate and attend the fashion discussions, at World Economic Forum held in Rwanda, where they  exhibited amongst other exhibitions around Nairobi and Africa. In 2018-19,  Aachera was shortlisted in the Fashion Entrepreneurship Incubation, Mitreeki  Programme  by the International Trade Centre – which supports women in the textile and apparel sector.  Through this training the brand has evolved  with a perspective of  running a creative fashion business both locally and global.

Amongst other programmes  the team has participated and been certified in the Fashionomics Africa training that took place in Kenya, 2020  funded by the African Development Bank., Business Continuity Programme by  GIZ .  AAchera was al so shortlisted and participated in the Creative DNA programme held by the British Council in the same year. These have contributed positively in the daily operations and management of the business as well focusing on creation of employment ,  for the youth and women .

The brand has also captured the attention of local magazines and newspapers, Business Daily , The People, Zen Mag Africa, True Love Kenya, Citixen and CNBC Africa to mention a few. Currently we are retailing in two stores Zuvaa online shop based in the US, as well as The Designers Studio , Nairobi Kenya, The Artisanal Gallery in Gigiri  & Village Market Pop-up store.

Our Vision – AAchera aims to empower women and the youth through creation of employment & sales of authentic products while sharing our own African compelling stories through textiles and techniques used.

Our Team

The Creative Director and Founder of AACHERA, has a background in International trade law & diplomacy, with professional work experience within the development world.  She  pursued her love for fashion which began at an early age, and rebranded the label in 2017 after carefully deciding the direction she would want the brand to take. This led her to the retail sector, after a break of three years pursuing further studies.  Prior to this she was focused on made to measure , and now the brand is Ready to wear and selected items on  Made to Order .

Inspired by her travels, and different culture, she draws her designs from beauty and sophisticated nature of European fashion mixed with the richness and ethnicity of the African culture.  She expresses herself through the choice of fabric, print  to the final design. Some of her favorites while at it are color, texture ,  ankara print, sheer fabrics, silk which when infused brings about elegance and sophistication.

With different collections, drawn from different inspirations, culture around  the world , story telling, nature, vibrant life experiences, meaningful authentic conversations. Her niche is more for  the effortlessly , authentic,  sophisticated contemporary lady!

Lavender, our sales and social media associate, brings in 3 year experience in sales and marketing in the retail industry. She also has a keen interest on digital marketing which is her core role at Aachera. She loves interacting with our clients, and nothing brings her more satisfaction, than creating a great customer experience! She is passionate about fashion and music! If she is not working, find her indulging in drawing, listening to music!

If there is anyone who has walked this journey with us it’s Maurice. He brings in a wealth of experience in pattern drafting, sample making, and quality control. He heads our production team.  He enjoys sampling out new styles, and the feedback our clients share with us gives him motivation while at it!

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