Ankara Sunday’s, a playful, fun collection with contemporary currents at the frontier of international fashion. It is characterized by vibrant wearable high quality pieces with fabrics that have distinctive advanced shapes, patterns and cuts. Bright colors symbolizing, warmth, happiness, laughter and vibrancy.  It presents a woman who is putting her best face on smiling till the sun goes down, over brunch with family or friends, despite the current tides in her life, and simply living!

Sometimes we let life pass us by, instead we should enjoy each season of our lives. The collection brings out fun, laughter, warmth, happiness, and sunshine this is clearly depicted in the shapes, colours and prints that have been used. Simply forgetting things for a while and living in the moment and enjoying.

Why Ankara Sunday’s? Partly inspired by the song Ankara Sunday’s by Somi, of both Ugandan and Rwandan descent.  Ankara fabric, an inspiration from the African culture and lifestyle, the shift dress style across the pieces in the collection exudes comfort, freedom and contemporary style. These pieces are ideal for having brunch, relaxing with people you love and care about under the sun!

So why don’t we forget things for a while and simply enjoy life and every season, with this  Ankara Sunday’s spring summer collection.